Real Stories

Case Studies

CLIENT: Supplier of medical equipment

SITUATION: Client had an order to supply medical equipment but was short of the funds required. The client approached us and obtained a credit facility to fulfill the order. This enabled the client to retain the business and make a decent return.

CLIENT: Supplier of construction material

SITUATION: Client was in possession of a local purchase order for construction material but did not have funds to complete the order thus risked losing the job or not fulfilling the entire order. The we provided the funds required to fulfil the order ensuring the client maintained their reputation.

CLIENT: Supplier of IT equipment

SITUATION: This member of Business Network International was short of working capital to settle creditors and other business expenses occasioned by a delay in debtors settling their invoices. The we provided the funds required to bridge the working capital gap and ease the cash flow strain

CLIENT: Car dealer

SITUATION: Client had a credit facility approved by his bank however, the same was taking extremely long for funds to be released. Client came to I and M International Bank and on obtaining a credit facility with us, was able to clear the car and sell it thus avoiding exorbitant customs warehouse charges.

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